Hoshino Resorts plans millennial-focused hotel for Nagano

BEB5 Karuizawa will have 73 guestrooms including 40 Yagura rooms. Photo credit: Hoshino Resorts (BEB5 Karuizawa)

Japanese hotel-management company Hoshino Resorts is set to open the Hoshino Resorts BEB5 Karuizawa in Karuizawa, Nagano Prefecture, on February 5.

The hotel was developed by CEO Yoshiharu Hoshino to have a "laid-back" environment that will appeal to millennial travelers.
“Travel is full of discovery and surprise, and it’s only during one’s younger years that they can fully experience the suspense of a new adventure,” said Hoshino in a statement. “Recognizing this, Hoshino Resorts wants people in their 20s to enjoy travel more and aims to support this generation’s future adventures with Hoshino Resorts BEB5 Karuizawa.” 
BEB5 Karuizawa will have 73 guestrooms, including 40 Yagura rooms (213 square feet each, suitable for up to three guests) and 32 twin rooms (213 square feet) and universal rooms (319 square feet), each suitable for up to two guests.

The hotel is approximately an hour from Tokyo by bullet train as is nearby sister property, Hoshinoya Karuizawa. 
Karuizawa has a historic significance for the Hoshino Resorts brand, which was founded in that area in 1904 and still maintains its headquarters there. The BEB5 Karuizawa is the group’s 38th hotel.