Here's what five years of hotel investment looks like in Peru

(Westin Lima)

Peru’s investment into its hotel infrastructure will total $600 million in the period between 2011 and 2016, with Lima receiving the lion’s share. Magali Silva, foreign trade and tourism minister for Peru said in a statement that 55 percent of the total volume of infrastructure resources will have been invested in the city.

As a result of this investment, Peru’s hotel supply will grow by 3,580 rooms.

“Thirteen hotels were built in Lima, and 30 in other regions,” Silva said. “However, projects in the capital city will be worth $335 million in all, while $264.9 million was allocated for regional ones.”

Hilton Miraflores
The Hilton Lima Miraflores in Peru

A number of brands have a presence in Lima, such as Westin, Hilton, Best Western, Costa del Sol and Arawi, and they are located in provinces such as Aranwa, Casa Andina, Decameron, Inkaterra, Casa Andina and more.

Lima’s upscale neighborhood of Miraflores was noted in particular for its ability to attract financing for infrastructure developments. The neighborhood gained eight new hotels in the period between 2011-2016, adding 1,044 rooms to its supply. Silva said that this ability to attract funding further cemented Miraflores as a tourism district.

Other destinations in Peru to have received notable hotel additions include San Isidro (three new hotels with 525 rooms in total), Surco (one new hotel with 70 rooms) and Barranco (one new hotel with 14 rooms). Cusco and Arequipa have some of the highest development volumes in Peru, with 12 and four new hotels in the pipeline, respectively, representing 721 and 134 new rooms. Ica, Trujillo, Piura and Tumbes are next in terms of volume, each with two new hotels on the way.