RLH Corporation prepares to open California's first Hotel RL

Hotel RL's Living Stage. Photo credit: RLH Corporation (Hotel RL Salinas is a new build hotel anticipated to open in 2020, and will consist of 95 guestrooms and Hotel RL's Living Stage.)

RLH Corporation signed a franchise license agreement for a new Hotel RL in Salinas, Calif. Hotel RL Salinas is a new-build hotel anticipated to open in 2020, and will consist of 95 guestrooms and The Living Stage, Hotel RL’s platform for local talent where musicians, poets, authors, public speakers, artists, activists and more can all be found. Additional Signature Moments will include award-winning Victrola Coffee; mobile check-in and keys; free Wi-Fi; bikes to borrow and more.

“Hotel RL is designed for the modern-day traveler, offering spaces for both business and leisure travelers to immerse themselves into local culture while maintaining their connection to the world,” Paul Sacco, EVP, president of global development at RLH Corporation, said in a statement. “The Hotel RL lobby is perfect for business travelers to work outside their room, and offers a space for all travelers to spark ideas and challenge notions, especially through The Living Stage.”

“We were drawn to Hotel RL and RLH Corporation for the unique way they think about the hospitality industry,” Chancal Singh, owner of the Hotel RL Salinas, said in a statement. “We look forward to bringing Hotel RL to Salinas and offering a unique hotel experience for travelers to our region.”

Hotel RL Salinas will be located at 17560 Calle Del Adobe in Salinas, Calif., a beach community and the gateway to the Monterey Peninsula.