Carrier Enterprise introduces remote wireless temperature monitoring and control for Founten energy management systems

Carrier Enterprise release of its proprietary Founten temperature and alarm sensor: the FS-TA1, an add-on accessory that adds wireless remote sensing and alarm notification abilities to its Founten FS-STAT-32AC and FS-STAT-32ACH models.

Its flexibility also provides end users with the option of using the device as either an external temperature probe for monitoring and control, or as an alarm notification generator via instant communication through the Founten site manager. As an external temperature probe, the accessory allows for remote sensing that can operate at a distance of up to 500 ft. away from a thermostat, an advantage that permits installations to be placed in non-visible areas. The sensor can also detect temperatures within enclosed refrigerator, freezer and walk-in units.

If used for its alarm notification abilities, the FS-TA1 can be outfitted with any 1 of 3 accessory probes with the potential to address a wide range of applications. With the FS-Probe-1, common applications can include the monitoring of return air or inside closed duct systems. FS-Probe-2 with its weather resistant and waterproof covering, provides for outside air or direct water temperature readings. For those wanting to detect boiler, chiller pipe or line set temperatures, the FS-Probe-T3 with its copper casing, can accurately measure readings from virtually any metal surface or pipe. In addition, water sensors can be integrated for alarm notification of rupture, overflow or back-up situations.

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