Building extra outlets in

Casegoods are often the perfect place to install extra electrical outlets, and a guestroom can never have enough.Pictured: Casegoods are often the perfect place to install extra electrical outlets, and a guestroom can never have enough.

The lack of outlets in the hotel guestroom ranks high on the list of frequent traveler complaints. In historical properties, the options for electrical outlets are limited in number and position, but a property need not be old to have a restrictive electrical design. In an answer to this, casegoods with built-in electrical outlets are now a popular design choice for guestrooms, since they can put outlets within a guest’s reach while still adding to a room’s aesthetic.

“Designers must accommodate the electrical systems in their casegoods,” said Mark Kramer, GM of furniture and casegoods manufacturer Northland Furniture Company. “A lot of the time, this means redesigning drawers or openings to make sure the outlet has a place.”

According to Kramer, designing around electrical outlets in casegoods is not a challenge. Rather, more important is the positioning of the product once it finds its way into the guestroom. For the best results, hotels should create cohesion between the location of the electrical outlet on a casegood and where guests will be accessing it.

Greg Duskey, project manager for Contraxx Furniture, uses nightstands as an example to make the same point. Duskey said electrical outlets on nightstands should face the guestroom bed; this way they are invisible to guests as they enter a room, but become obvious when they are needed before a guest goes to sleep.

“For the best cohesion, hotels should seek out casegood manufacturers that offer multiple finishes,” Duskey said. “If an outlet must be in an obvious place, the least it can do is match the hardware.” 

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