Customizable lighting: Blackburn ceiling lights by Tracy Glover

Tracy Glover  launched a new series of pendant and semi-flushmount lights: the Blackburn Ceiling Lights collection. Comprised of two new designs available in multiple shapes, colors, sizes and patterns, the Blackburn collection provides customizable pieces. The collection has a new calamari pattern and murrini, a traditional Roman glassblowing process that fuses bundles of colored glass canes then slices through them.

The Blackburn pendant is suspended from a round canopy, and is offered in five metal finishes. The pendant may be made in any of five shapes – globe, barrel, canister, enoki or fishbowl – and a range of sizes. A variation on the canopy is available with multiple ports to transform the single pendant design into a multi-light design. Patterns include a bubbled effect made with the Italian technique Primavera, the two-tone ombre Primavera, striped, lace, twist, calamari, licorice stick and ostrich. Meanwhile, the Blackburn semi-Flushmount is a glass diffuser available in globe or fishbowl shape. The five-inch round canopy is offered in five metal finishes. There are eight patterns in 16 solid colors and 29 colorways.

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