Heavenly wonders: CloudBox ottomans by Ted Boerner

San Francisco-based designer and producer of customizable handcrafted furniture Ted Boerner introduced the CloudBox seating series. The CloudBox ottomans, offered in six styles, complement the existing CloudBox sofa and anticipate the forthcoming CloudBox lounge chair and sectional. Designed by Boerner in collaboration with Katherine Lam, the CloudBox series partners a strict geometric silhouette (the "box") with the softer, handcrafted quilted or tufted surface of the upholstery (the "cloud").

Big Square is surfaced entirely with a hand-quilted "Cumulus" pattern. Big Round, five-sided at its base, becomes circular at its top. The "Cumulus" pattern covers the seat surface, while the sides are undecorated. Nimbus Bench, oval-shaped at the floor, transforms into a round-cornered rectangle at its top and can fit two people; it sports the pieced and pulled-back "Nimbus" pattern (identical hexagonal segments) around the sides. Muffin Tuffet is round at the base, and is square on top. Saddle Tuffet is oval at the base, turning into a concave rectangle above. Meanwhile, Cupcake Tuffet is a pentagon at bottom and circular at the top.

From frame to padding to quilting and pull-back of the fabric or leather, the CloudBox ottomans are handmade. The "Nimbus" pattern may be COM or COL; "Cumulus" pattern may be COM.  All six designs may be customized as to size, shape, height or placement of the pattern.