Popular materials, textures and more

Wood is here to stay, but there are many options available for casegood materials.Pictured: Wood is here to stay, but there are many options available for casegood materials.

Casegoods come in all shapes and sizes as well as materials. Here is a list of the more popular materials, textures and designs being implemented in today’s guestroom casegoods.

* Laminates: Both inexpensive low-pressure laminates and high pressure laminates have gained popularity in guestroom casegoods. A casegood with a textured laminate sheen can stand out in a bathroom or blend in on a work desk based on what is in its immediate surroundings.

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* Powdered steel: A metal known mainly for its strength, steel is effective in casegood legs to provide some extra durability where a fixture meets the ground, or as a base for a stamped design that is guaranteed not to fade.

Brass accents complement antique-style pieces. Pictured: Brass accents complement antique-style pieces. 

* Wood: Carved wood can be used to lend an air of sophistication to a piece. Wood will always be the most popular material for casegoods, but carved textures can distinguish a casegood as important on a work station or armoire.

* Brass: Faux as well as real brass has seen a comeback in hotel guestroom casegoods as a classic metal that can lend an air of character to a piece. Antique brass pairs well with heavy wood, and can act as either the accent or highlight of any design.

* Paint: Hotels have spent the past five or more years focusing on raw, natural looks in their materials, but the practice of painting casegoods to get a desired look rather than relying on a natural color is now coming back. Because red is a bold color that symbolizes modernity and risk-taking, in some cases it has become more common than grey, meaning a change of trends could be just around the corner. 

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