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  • Top Hotel Brokers (published in January Hotel Management): Hotel brokers
  • Top Hotel Brands (published in February Hotel Management): Chain companies that own, manage and/or franchise branded properties
  • Top Select-Service Hotel Chains (published in March Hotel Management): Hotel chain companies considered select-service across all chain scale segments
  • Top Third-Party Management Companies (published in April Hotel Management): Third-party management companies
  • Top Design Firms (published in May Hotel Management): Hotel interior design and/or architecture firms
  • Hotel Franchise Fees (published in May Hotel Management): Hotel franchisor companies
  • Top Purchasing Companies (published in July Hotel Management): Hotel purchasing companies
  • Top Construction Companies (published in August Hotel Management): Hotel construction companies
  • Top Hotel Companies (published in September Hotel Management): Hotel brands, franchisors, third-party management companies, developers and multiunit ownership companies. Not: Design firms, construction companies, brokers, purchasing companies)
  • Top Multiunit Owners and Developers (published in October Hotel Management): Owners and/or developers of more than one hotel property


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