Re-imagine Your Succession Planning – Assess Potential to Drive Growth & Development

With approximately 46% of leadership hires becoming hiring failures (source:, and turnover in the hospitality space hovering near 50% (source: Consultants of Hospitality Administrators International), it's imperative to shift the conversation in the hospitality marketplace toward the vital significance of succession planning. 


This White Paper will map out the steps hoteliers need to take to create a sustainable succession plan as well as explore how embracing a new vision will reduce turnover, boost occupancy levels, raise customer satisfaction levels and ensure that the hotel machine operates at optimum capabilities, ultimately driving prosperity.

  • Discover the fundamental foundation of a smart succession plan
  • Explore key steps in how to evolve and retain employees through development
  • Learn how to craft internal and external talent benches
  • Understand predictive plotting and potential pitfalls


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