Tisch receives inaugural Leadership in Civic Responsibility award

(Tisch Award presentation)

On June 6, during the opening segment of the 38th Annual NYU International Hospitality Industry Investment Conference, hosted by the NYU School of Professional Studies Tisch Center for Hospitality and Tourism, Jonathan M. Tisch was presented with the inaugural Jonathan Tisch Award for Leadership in Civic Responsibility by NYU President Andrew Hamilton. Hamilton also announced the renaming of the Tisch Center to the Jonathan M. Tisch Center for Hospitality and Tourism. “The Tisch family has long been a generous supporter of the Center, and Jonathan Tisch has been a driving force in its success for many years. Thanks to his vision and leadership, the Center is positioned as a foremost resource for the industry, guiding the educational programming that directly addresses some of the most critical issues the industry faces,” commented Hamilton.

Tisch, who is co-chairman of the board and member of the Office of the President of Loews Corporation and chairman of Loews Hotels, is a passionate advocate on behalf of the multibillion-dollar travel and tourism industry. He recognizes the global impact of the field and its changing dynamics, and sees the Tisch Center as a preeminent professionally focused asset in providing robust educational programming at all levels, as well as thought leadership on a broad array of topics—from economic and job development to gender equity and cultural preservation. He understands the critically important role of the Tisch Center for Hospitality and Tourism in providing teaching, research, and service that builds the knowledge and practical skill sets needed to succeed in this growing field.

Supporting the industry that has given him so much comes naturally to  Tisch. “It’s my firm belief that the excellent education offered through the Tisch Center is key to sowing the seeds of growth and new ideas in travel and tourism. It is critical that we invest our resources in those who will lead the industry in the years to come by immersing them in a progressive learning environment—one that addresses the many challenges this industry faces head on, and finds creative and sustainable solutions.”

In addition to the many changes to which the industry must adjust, Tisch also is cognizant of the inherent value of utilizing the travel and tourism industry as well as the NYU SPS Tisch Center undergraduate, graduate and non-degree programs as a way to promote the unifying aspects of the industry that bring people from across the globe together. Despite economic volatility and geopolitical tensions, travel and tourism continues to expand at an unprecedented rate. It is this momentum and energy that Tisch seeks to harness as the Tisch Center moves to develop a learning environment that offers agile, intuitive programming and sets the pace for an industry that is continually evolving.

“Last year, over 1 billion travelers crossed international borders. At the same time, new tourists and new destinations are entering the market. With shifts in supply and demand, emerging markets, and a changing workforce, the travel and tourism industry faces unprecedented opportunities for growth while simultaneously needing to address significant challenges,” said NYUSPS Dean Dennis Di Lorenzo. “As an integral part of NYU’s global family, the Tisch Center, with its deep industry connections and commitment to high-quality education at all professional levels, is uniquely positioned to provide this industry’s future leaders with the solid foundation required to understand the present travel and tourism business environment, and the foresight to anticipate what is on the horizon and beyond. It is this cutting-edge philosophy and innovation that will provide the pillars of the educational experience at the Jonathan M. Tisch Center for Hospitality and Tourism,” he concluded.