Welcome to HMyp

(Welcome to HMyp)

When our editorial team sat down last spring and came up with the idea of launching a new content platform for our readers within the first decade of their hospitality careers, I knew the idea had traction but I didn’t realize just how much traction. Let me share a quick anecdote from one of those early planning meetings:

Every editor except me: “Let’s do a Thirty Under 30 award for this first issue!”

Me: “We better move that age up to 35, because who is really going to have that much to brag about at 30?”

Everyone else: “But Steph, Thirty-Five Under 30 sounds weird and it won’t fit on a headline.”

Me: “Well in that case, Thirty Under 30 it is.” (I know when I’ve lost an argument.)

So we launched the nomination form and, well … it blew up. I secretly thought we would be lucky to receive 30 nominations, but we received nearly 100 and each one was absolutely outstanding.

So I can officially eat my words, and I’m happy to do that when it means we are launching something that I know will resonate with a new group of our readership and help them connect with each other and with the industry as a whole to grow their networks and their job prospects.

HMyp is not just a website or a print issue or a social media platform: It's a content platform designed specifically for hospitality professionals within the first decade of their career. The scope is the same as Hotel Management’s: profiles, analysis of industry trends and news, insight on technology, operations and development—but just tailored a little differently.

We launched our first print issue as a supplement to Hotel Management's Oct. 22 issue. Click here or on the cover image above to check it out. You'll find our inaugural class of Thirty Under 30, along with other timely articles and features.

Maybe you're here because you are an HMyp; maybe you're here because you work with HMyps and you're looking for insight into how they approach their jobs and their lives. Either way, our goals are to provide content that addresses this group specifically, and to create a place to continue the conversation. For now, this site will showcase the content from the HMyp issues, but it will grow to include targeted news feeds, online polls and more.

Since we know you are a social group and may not have (or want to have!) a zillion trade magazine sites bookmarked, we'll be doing most of our networking on LinkedIn for now. Join Hotel Management Network on LinkedIn, then join the HMyp subgroup there. Ask a question, share an article, respond to comments. Check out Hotel Management on Facebook. Follow Hotel Management on Twitter (use the #HMYP hashtag). And as always, you can email me with feedback, suggestions and ideas. I look forward to connecting with you! --Stephanie Ricca