"Love hotels" booming in Mainland China

Short-stay or "love" hotels are gaining popularity in China, with chains spreading fast and earning handsome revenues thanks to their high occupancy rates. The concept of the “love hotel”, where guests pay to stay by the hour and rooms are often themed, originated in Japan but has quickly spread to other parts of Asia, not least Mainland China. 

Rooms are often decorated with fantasy interiors and designed with symbols of love and romance, such as hearts and flowers, to attract young people looking for some privacy. Most people in China tend to live with their parents until they marry. At the same time, the relatively high prices of luxury hotels makes short stay rates an attractive option. 

Two hours of "private couple time", for example, can be purchased for as low as RMB100 ($15.70). Most chains also offer membership deals with discounts and privileges for loyal customers. In comparison, one night at the Jinjiang Inn, an express hostel popular across the country, could amount to as much as RMB 300 ($46.10)

Even though China's hotel industry is becoming increasingly competitive, love hotels are booming due to their higher occupancy rates made possible by the high turnover that allows for a single room to be rented three or four times a day.