JOI-Design gives Moxy Berlin Humboldthain Park hotel a laidback aesthetic

The Moxy Berlin Humboldthain Park hotel opened in the German capital with interiors from Hamburg-based JOI-Design.

Design-wise, the property has a laidback aesthetic defined by an open plan and the use of natural wood, informal seating arrangements and exposed walls. Beside the entrance, there is a lounge area with a Persian carpet and a variety of indoor plants. The living room-style welcome zone, which has an open library, also includes poufs, loungers and beanbag chairs. Light, neutral tones contrast dark ceilings that comprise metal pipes and additional exposed materials. Graffiti adorns concrete surfaces to depict the story of the building. The ground floor also has a coffee shop, buffet, retail and a bar. There is also a football table.

Rather than being in a traditional central area, the reception desk was discretely worked into the background.  When entering the hotel, guests are met by hotel staff at a coffee counter.

The hotel also features the city’s mascot, the Berlin Bear (Berliner Bar), in various forms throughout the public areas, including in the form of graphic street art graphics, as a sculpture and in small decorative details like the cushions in the lounge.

The property has 101 guestrooms with minimalist design, including the use of natural colors and materials.

For dining, the property has a buffet area. After breakfast, accoutrements are hidden behind minimalist steel doors. Meals can either be enjoyed on a long community table with other guests or on small tables for a bit of privacy.

Photo credit: JOI-Design