Asia Pacific Investment House raises $25M for HMB Avication resort development in China

Asia Pacific Investment House (APIH) completed its round one funding for resort development HMB Avication in China, raising $25 million. With a total project projection of $50 million, the second round is now open to investors.

A 263-acre resort, HMB Avication is to be located in Fogang. The resort includes luxury villas, community properties, natural lakes, hot springs and a mountain peak water park. The resort will be divided into various districts each providing specialized services and amenities, including a hotel, commercial district, medical center, wellness & spa facilities, fitness clubs, 18-hole golf course, driving range, clubhouse, fine dining, entertainment center, equestrian ranch, pilot training, command and maintenance centers.

Supporting Fogang's strategy for urban and economic development, approximately 1,000 jobs will be created.