Caesars Windsor comes to union deal, avoids hotel strike

The Caesars Windsor hotel and casino in Ontario, Canada, narrowly avoided a hotel strike after its workers voted 73.5 percent in favor of a new four-year contract with the establishment. According to Black Burn News, highlights of the new contract include wage and benefit increases, a payout of sick days and improved contracting out language. Wages are scheduled to increase 25 cents next year and 35 cents in 2017, with additional lump sums available throughout the four-year agreement.

The Detroit Free Press reported last week that the hotel and casino closed its doors April 3rd as a result of disputs between the property's owner and its labor. All gaming ceased at 8 p.m., and negotiations continued during the shutdown.

In a memo to his members, Unifor Local 444 president Dino Chiodo called the latest round of bargaining "difficult, tiring and frustrating," according to CBC News. "We argued, we yelled, strategized and made demands on your behalf," Chiodo said in the memo. "I will tell you, we didn't get everything we wanted."

The deal was reached after 40 hours of bargaining. As part of the deal, full-time workers will get lump-sum signing bonuses of $1,500 in the first year, $250 in the second and $750 in the third. There is no bonus in the fourth year. The casino has also agreed to seek out local gyms for discounted memberships for its employees. Workers in several departments are also being awarded a $50 shoe allowance and $100 pant allowance each year due to "excessive wear and tear from the tables," according to the union memo.