Cambean Hospitality introduces new brand

(Cambean Hospitality introduces new brand)

MIAMI BEACH, FL. — JANUARY 12, 2009 — Cambean Hospitality, a Miami Beach-based hospitality group 
that owns and manages four boutique hotel properties in the historic South Beach area, today 
announced the creation of Cambean Earth, a new brand that defines the sustainable systems and 
practices that are currently being implemented throughout their organization. The proprietary branding 
includes the development of a green mission statement and a visual identity system, which will serve to 
educate guests of Cambean properties about their environmentally friendly lodging practices. The branding 
materials, created by Florida-based Plan A Public Relations & Marketing, include a Cambean Earth logo that utilizes a graphic banana leaf in the shape of a “C” to represent Cambean. This logo will be placed throughout Cambean properties to identify sustainable materials and features that have been adopted to 
promote conservation of energy, water and other natural resources.

Cambean Earth was created in conjunction with their upcoming re-launch of the historic Clifton 
South Beach as a green property. The Clifton, which is scheduled to open in early 2009, is currently 
undergoing a multi-million dollar renovation that includes a series of steps specifically designed to 
achieve LEED Gold certification standards.

“We are excited about the Cambean Earth initiative and are committed to promoting true 
sustainability in the lodging industry,” said Brian Scheinblum, president of Cambean Hospitality. “There is 
much hype these days about green hotels, but some properties are making only simple changes, such 
as changing their light bulbs or implementing towel re-use programs. With the Clifton, we are renovating
from the ground up and looking at every possible product and system within the hotel. We are 
incorporating energy-conserving, earth-friendly materials everywhere – from the energy management 
system to the carpeting and paint. Our goal is to show our guests, as well as the hospitality industry as a 
whole, that it is possible to be responsible without sacrificing luxury or convenience.”

As part of the Cambean Earth initiative, Cambean Hospitality is also in the process of establishing 
the Cambean Earth Environmental Fund, which will make contributions to both local and national 
charities that are dedicated to protecting natural resources and sustainability.

Cambean Hospitality plans to begin incorporating some of the systems and features of the 
Cambean Earth brand being developed for the Clifton into their other properties in early 2009. Currently, 
the company owns and manages three other hotels in the South Beach/Miami Beach area, including the 
Majestic South Beach, the Nash South Beach, and the Carlton South Beach. 
For more information, please contact Brian Scheinblum at (305) 455-2236 or visit 

About Cambean Hospitality 
Cambean Hospitality is a Miami Beach-based hotel ownership and management company that provides professional support services to independent hotel properties. Cambean Hospitality combines cutting edge technology services and prestige locations, incorporating high end yield practices to maximize profits and streamline expenses through personalized strategies that focus on operations, finance, sales and marketing, as well as human resource management. Currently, Cambean Hospitality properties include the Nash South Beach Hotel (, Carlton Hotel South Beach (, Majestic Hotel South Beach (, and the Clifton Hotel (, all located in the historic South Beach district of Miami Beach. Cambean Hospitality is aggressively pursuing management and acquisition opportunities throughout Miami Beach and other Florida markets. For more information, please visit or contact Brian Scheinblum at [email protected]

About Cambean Earth 
The mission of Cambean Hospitality’s green lodging initiative, Cambean Earth, is to promote the growth and acceptance of sustainable hospitality options worldwide, through the development and implementation of industry-leading environmentally friendly systems and practices in all Cambean properties. We are firmly committed to identifying and incorporating the most effective and efficient means of conserving energy, water and other natural resources, while providing a unique and luxurious hotel experience for our guests. To that end, we will employ the most innovative technologies and systems available to us throughout our organization, and will seek to educate our guests, as well as our management and staff, about the benefits of