Checking in: Q&A with Chris Penn, founder, Steel Hotels

(Chris Penn)
In the latest in a series talking to members of the sector during the COVID-19 outbreak, Emily Newman interviews Chris Penn.
    What is your immediate priority at the moment?
 I really think that has to be the only priority for all people involved in the hospitality industry at the moment.  These are deeply disruptive unprecedented times.  Difficult decisions need to be made and we need to do everything we can to protect our workforce and remain in business once the situation improves.
    Do you anticipate a rapid or gradual recovery?
We believe that we have created a product that will provide a welcome respite for people that have been isolated, without social interaction for a prolonged period of time after the disease has passed and it is safe for people to come together again.  Therefore we anticipate a strong recovery in some of our segments.  
    What is your hope for the hospitality industry in a post COVID-19 world?
My hope is that as many people as possible remain a part of it afterwards that were a part of it prior.