Hospitality Lodging Systems' 2015 growth includes 10 new hotels

The two brands operated by Atlanta-based Hospitality Lodging Systems (HLS) continued steady growth in 2015, finishing the year with 25 Budgetel properties that together have 2,107 rooms, and three Haven Hotel properties that together have 197 rooms.  

This represents a growth of 39 percent during 2015 for Budgetel, which the company began operating effective Nov. 1, 2014 with 18 properties. The Haven Hotel brand was introduced in December, 2014 as a new soft brand.

Four additional properties are under development and expected to open during the first quarter of 2016 -- two as Budgetel and two as Haven Hotels.

According to Doug Collins, chairman and CEO of HLS, HLS expects to achieve a growth rate of 35 percent in 2016, selling and opening about 15 properties.

“Better hotel profitability starts with a better brand contract -- that, quite simply, is our appeal to owners,” Collins said.