Hotel sales people need to be not just good, but great

(Tips from the Top)

There are many things that go into making a hotel sales person great. Sometimes we will hear somebody say: “That person is a born sales person.” We probably do not believe that is entirely true. Energy, looks, motivation, personality—all of these help. Whether or not someone has the right genes for the job, there are many opportunities for someone to make themselves great in the business of hotel sales.Here are some areas that are very important in improving a person’s ability to become great in our business of selling for hotels and resorts. A little practice in each of these areas will significantly increase a person’s ability to make a sale:

  • Listen – Listening more and talking less makes one appear intelligent. Just ask some good, key questions, and keep quiet until it’s your turn to talk again. And don’t oversell. Silence sometimes can be a powerful tool. Learn to let them do the talking.
  • Features/Benefits – It’s okay to discuss features of your property, provided they can be discussed as a benefit or value to a prospect. There is no point in bragging about parking for 500 cars if everyone in a group will be flying in. Knowing a prospect’s needs, and applying benefits and advantages as a result of your features, is what works.
  • Looks and Answers – You can create a good or bad image by your looks, your voice and your ability to communicate effectively. People make instant deductions from what they see. How you appear upon contact with a prospect should be a prime consideration. An energetic and enthusiastic tone of voice is an important attribute of good sales people. And knowing what to say and how to say it is another skill that they acquire.
  • Motivation – Great sales people are usually great motivators of others. In the business of selling, it is important to motivate the prospect to do the buying. Learn how to encourage the prospective buyer to make the buy.
  • See and Be Seen – Sales people need to get out and be visible in the business community. Be active and join groups, give talks to groups, be quoted in the newspapers and be sure to be seen at important business events. People like to do business with people who are well-known.
  • Be a Good Communicator – Learn to be articulate, and use proper grammar. Avoid using slang expressions. Get rid of the bad habits of repeatedly saying: “ummmmm”, “ya know”, “like”, etc. Good speaking habits add strength to your sales position.
  • Know Your Stuff – You must have knowledge, not only of your own property, but of your competition, and the needs of the prospect.
  • Be Confident – Sellers’ confidence translates into buyers’ confidence. Without confidence in yourself or your hotel, you cannot be successful in sales. 

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