New ski resort hotels open in preparation for the holidays

The summer months are now behind us, and hotels are already preparing for winter festivities. CBS Denver reported that ski resorts in Colorado have already begun snowmaking production in anticipation for the season. And though these mountains are usually open to professional skiers before the general public begins traveling for the activity, ski resort hotels are already making announcements ahead of time.

According to the Charleston Daily Mail, Snowshoe Mountain Ski Resort in West Virginia begins its ski season Nov. 26, and is extending the season to April 5, 2015. In addition, the resort will be opening a new boutique hotel on-property. This new hotel will be available to handle the increased demand the resort expects to encounter, and will include studios, lofts and multi-bedroom suites. The hotel is expected to be open before Thanksgiving.

The Indianhead Mountain Resort in Wakefield, Mich., is planning to build a new 140-room hotel and adjoining casino for the property. John Cox, Wakefield Township supervisor, told Your Daily Globe that the hotel is being constructed with conferences in mind, and will also use the new facilities as a means to generate extra revenue during the summer months. 

"I see this personally as a win-win for everybody here," Cox told Your Daily Globe. "The area, just to keep these ski hills open, has to become a destination area."

The Le Massif Ski Centre in Charlevoix, Québec, is also building a new hotel and condominium complex on-property. Life in Quebec reported that, like other ski destinations, rising demand has generated a need for expansion

The hotel's developer, Daniel Gauthier, will receive financial assistance from Sotheby’s International and the Quebec Government to fund the project. The Quebec Government is investing $10.3 million into the project, and is expecting a future return in the form of tourism revenue.