San Francisco's Hotel Monaco is no more and nobody is talking

Hotel Management received a tip this morning that the Kimpton-run Hotel Monaco in San Francisco is no longer in operation under the Monaco flag; instead, it is now operating as The Marker San Francisco and being managed by Destination Hotels & Resorts.

Our tipster, who said he or she was a former Kimpton employee, explained that the reason the hotel was no longer Kimpton run was because of union issues. "IHG's local union contract requires any new IHG properties go through 'card check', and the union came knocking," the tipster said, adding that more Kimpton hotels could be "rebranded in the weeks ahead to avoid become unionized." 

Kimpton no longer lists the Hotel Monaco San Francisco on its website. Other Kimpton hotels in San Francisco include: Hotel Palomar, Argonaut Hotel, The Tuscan, The Buchanan, Prescott Hotel and the Sir Francis Drake. Currently, only The Buchanan and Sir Francis are unionized.

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Calls into Kimpton have not been returned.

REIT Lasalle Hotel Properties is listed as the owner of the Hotel Monaco San Francisco. Hotel Management has yet been responded to after contacting LaSalle for comment.

A call into Destination Hotels got us this response: "Unfortunately, Destination Hotels cannot offer any comment at this time."

Hotel Management did call and speak with someone at The Marker, who said the hotel changed its name "last week." That was all she would tell us before we were transferred to a "media specialist." The transfer never went through and after 10 minutes on hold, we hung up.

Our tipster obviously was a fan of Kimpton: "Why the #11 Fortune 'best place to work' needs a union to improve working conditions is an answer only those jack-booted thugs in the local can explain," he or she told us.

We will report more on the story as it unfolds.