Six housekeeping tips for improving room turnover

This is the final article in a series on housekeeping carts. Click here for part two: Housekeeping carts in guestrooms safer, more efficient.

Housekeeping is often recognized as one of the hardest-working and most vital members of a hotel's operations team. Here are six tips to help housekeeping improve room turnover times safely and quickly.

1. Hotels are cutting back on guestroom amenities overall, which can positively affect housekeeping’s room turnover time. If a housekeeping cart doesn’t need a glass rack for cups, it may be able to fit into a guestroom.

2. Consider having linens bagged and placed outside of guestrooms rather than placing them in carts during rounds. This can speed up the turnover process and drastically reduce the overall weight of housekeeping carts.

3. If possible, consider having two carts to speed up turnovers: one cart designated to strip down and clean rooms and another to set the room up. Separate the bulk of what overloads the cart between two carts, allowing housekeeping workers to focus on one job at a time.

4. If your cart must remain outside the guestroom, consider carts with locking mechanisms to protect frequently stolen amenities. The loss of amenities is felt not only as a monetary loss for hotels, but also costs housekeeping additional time.

5. Broken or wobbly wheels exacerbate the problem of pushing heavy carts, or make efficient carts inefficient. Replace wheels as they begin to degrade to avoid injuries that are easily preventable.

6. Do frequent inspections of carts and consider cart upgrades every five years.