Six tips to keep refrigerator operations chill

This is part three in a series on guestroom refrigeration operations. Click here for part two: How guestroom refrigerators produce a return on investment.

The best refrigerators exist quietly in the background, requiring no work or attention on the part of guests. Here are six tips to keep guestroom refrigerator operations on ice.

1. Disinfect and clean the refrigerator during each room turnover. Additionally, frequently defrost guestroom refrigerator freezer units. The more frequently a freezer is defrosted, the less likely housekeeping will one day have to contend with a block of ice where a freezer should be. This is especially true of humid environments, where condensation can generate ice more rapidly. 

2. If your hotel offers in-room refrigerators on request, have a concrete plan for transporting them from storage to the guestroom. Improper handling can damage the unit or property, and could even result in staff injuries. 

3. It can be common to hide refrigerators in drawers or cabinets, but make sure there is enough labeling in the guestroom so guests can find the device. If your refrigerator's design meshes with that of the hotel, it may be better to show it off rather than hide it. 

4. With proper maintenance, modern refrigerators are relatively silent, even when the compressor kicks on. This can be an issue, however, if maintenance on the unit is not performed regularly. If a unit is louder than its peers, the compressor is often to blame. Proper cleaning of coils and refilling freon can usually extend the life of most refrigerators. 

5. Keep your hotel's segment in mind. Refrigerators grow more advanced and complicated every year, but in most segments guests still just want the devices to keep their food or beverages cold. Extra features may be a waste in these cases. 

6. Some refrigerator models are more popular with guests than others. Models with drink storage in the door, as well as models with wire shelving as opposed to hard plastic are more relatable to guests because they are most likely similar to what they have in their homes.