Sustainable Dubai hotel shares eco-friendly tips

The Park Regis Kris Kin Hotel in Dubai revealed plans to share its sustainability practices at the Arabian Travel Market in Dubai in May.

A Green Tip brochure will be distributed to contacts in the travel trade and corporate businesses at the show, graphically displaying sustainability tips for hotel employees to enact in their daily working and home lives.

Scott Butcher, GM of the Park Regis Kris Kin Hotel, says going green for businesses is no longer a public relations exercise but a commitment to sustainability that should be taken by both corporations and individuals.

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Among the best practice measures suggested in the brochure are reduction of energy and water, the re-use and re-cycling of resources and changing attitudes to consumption:

•    Visit parks and nature reserves
•    Sow a plant to celebrate a birthday
•    Sell old toys
•    Donate old clothes to charity
•    Cut down on buying bottled water
•    Promote indoor plants in offices and homes
•    Opt for online media
•    Use natural light where possible
•    Use black and white rather than color printing
•    Use water wisely
•    Shower rather than bath
•    Fix water leaks
•    Wash without wasting water
•    Do not dispose of oils and hazardous liquids down the drain
•    Say no to plastic bags
•    Say no to disposable products
•    Turn down the air conditioning
•    Switch to LED lights
•    Unplug battery chargers
•    Don’t leave electrical appliances on standby
•    Look at eco tourism
•    Pay bills online
•    Drive smoothly to save fuel use
•    Walk or cycle and use public transport
•    Preserve nature where possible
•    Download music
•    Travel wisely
•    Look at your carbon footprint
•    Live environmentally and locally
•    Live green