Voice of the GM: Hotels have more money and know how to spend it

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It’s official—the era of the television upgrade is over... largely because most of you already have done it. And among those of you who have not yet upgraded televisions, 14.7 percent of you (mostly economy segment GMs) say it’s the next technology upgrade you will make.

By far the most segment-agnostic technology upgrade you made in the last 12 months was to your wireless infrastructure. From economy to luxury, this was the number one place you put your technology dollars.

When it comes to next year’s technology spending, property-management system upgrades are the largest growth category. Wireless infrastructure and lighting remain the most popular categories for upgrades, but expect PMS spend to catch up.

It’s not all about technology, though. Bedding and softgoods purchases continue to dominate hotel plans. Upgrades in this category might be attributed to the steady growth in brand-mandated improvements we’re seeing; this year for the first time in three years the majority of respondents (53.2 percent) report making brand-required changes at their hotels this year.  

About the survey
Hotel Management’s annual Voice of the GM Survey (now in its ninth year) takes the pulse of the industry from the viewpoint of the man or woman in charge on the ground—the GM. Nearly 1,000 GMs responded to our survey, which we conducted online in September and October and published in November. We organized results into five sections: About You, About Your Hotel, About Your People and Your Reputation, About Your Budget and About Your Bottom Line. We will present summaries of this year's results over the next week. Click here to download complete survey results including charts and infographics. Click here for Part One: About You.