White Paper: FPLOS Pricing: Solid strategy or tempest in a teapot?

(White Paper: FPLOS Pricing: Solid strategy or tempest in a teapot?)

Full-Pattern Length of Stay (FPLOS) pricing is the new buzz word for the hotel industry. FPLOS presents a unique price point based on the arrival date and length of stay of the query, uniformly assigned to each date of the query. Some brands have wholly embraced the concept and believe FPLOS is the way to run a hotel. Yet at closer examination, does FPLOS actually deliver on its promise—or is it the equivalent of Wall Street risk management models (great in the good times) and an unmitigated disaster when things occur outside the model. Although FPLOS has some positive benefits for a sub-segment of the industry, as a whole, most hotels will not gain from it and could be dramatically and negatively impacted if not tempered with “real world data driven” decision-making. How can you make the move from instinct-driven to data-driven business decisions? Here are some guidelines to help you through the process.

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