AAHOA kicks off first installment in Virtual Event Series

During the series’ first installment, AAHOA hosted 21 livestreams, one tailored for each of the association’s regions. Photo credit: Geber86 / E+

AAHOA kicked off a new virtual event series designed to help hotel owners remain connected with AAHOA officers, board members, staff and each other during the COVID-19 pandemic. The first installment in the Virtual Events Series focused on the impact that the pandemic is having on the hospitality industry, what AAHOA members need most right now and what AAHOA is doing to help.

“It is important that we remain united as an industry during these challenging times, and the AAHOA Virtual Event Series gives hotel owners the opportunity to remain connected as a community despite quarantines, social distancing and stay-home orders,” AAHOA Chairwoman Jagruti Panwala said in a statement. “These livestreamed events with AAHOA officers and directors help give members important updates on the industry and our response to COVID-19, share information and talk about how we are experiencing this crisis as a community.”

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In the inaugural Virtual Event Series, AAHOA hosted 21 livestreams, one tailored for each of the association’s regions. AAHOA officers and directors presented updates on the industry and COVID-19. They also highlighted the educational and advocacy-related resources hoteliers can access through MyAAHOA.com, as well as how AAHOA and its members are sharing the plight of owners with lawmakers, brands, and the industry. AAHOA plans to continue these virtual events alongside their state hospitality association partners to provide state-specific updates on their efforts at the state and local levels.

“There are so many updates coming in left and right these days,” AAHOA President/CEO Cecil Staton said in a statement. “Information changes by the hour, and it can be challenging to understand what it all actually means for one’s business. These virtual events build on AAHOA’s daily updates and help hotel owners have a broader conversation about how things are looking in the industry, what they’re seeing in their area and what resources are available to them.”