Highland Group releases report on lifestyle, boutique and soft-brand hotels

Traveler tastes are changing and the hotel industry is responding with lodging products tailored to individual preferences and varied travel purposes.  The inaugural report on lifestyle hotels, soft-brand collections and boutique hotels provides developers, consultants, operators, lenders and brands with data and insight as they pursue hotel development for the upcoming marketplace.

Boutique hotels are unique in style, small and independent, or affiliated with small systems. They are gaining popularity. Major chains have noted changing traveler tastes and the adapting interests of their development communities. They are responding in two ways: Lifestyle hotels, which are prescribed franchise products that are adapted to current trends and Soft brand collections, which give hotel owners and operators the opportunity to affiliate with a major chain distribution system while retaining the unique name and properties of an otherwise independent hotel.

Boutique hotels, lifestyle hotels, soft brand collections are collectively an $11.5 billion industry.  We expect all three product types to expand rapidly over the next several years. As this report is produced in future years, it will track performance of these products.

For each of these product types, the Lifestyle Hotels, Soft Brand Collections & Boutique Hotels report includes:

  • Characteristics and definitions

  • Distribution by class, size, age and style.

  • Market performance

  • Supply and demand trends through 2014

  • Occupancy and average rate trends through 2014

  • Financial performance

  • Income and expense per available room, per occupied room and operating ratios

  • An additional section on boutique hotels with spas

Order the report on-line at http://www.shop.highland-group.net/Lifestyle-Hotels-Soft-Brand-Collections-Boutique-Hotels-Report_c5.htm

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