Indonesia's Red Planet rebrands 24 Tune Hotels into new brand

Indonesia hospitality group Red Planet Hotels has launched what it calls "one of Asia's most customer-relevant hotel products" by transforming 24 former Tune Hotel properties across Asia into the new Red Planet brand, targeting the value-conscious traveler. 

Red Planet was previously the franchise partner of Tune Hotels in Japan, Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines. But, according to Travel daily Asia, is going at it solo.

Further, Red Planet is also planning to expand with the launch of new flagship hotels in Bangkok and Tokyo, both of which are expected to open later this year

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"It's all about value," said Tim Hansing, CEO of Red Planet. "Value for our customers and creating value for our shareholders. When our guests leave our hotels we want them to think they have made a smart decision by staying with us. 

"We conducted extensive surveys with many thousands of our guests across the region and, among other things, we established that our new brand is all about giving our customers more of what they want, and less of what they don't. Almost all of our guests are between 20 to 30 years old, and this online generation is changing the dynamics of the hotel industry. 

"To embrace this shift, we have invested heavily in our IT platform and are constantly listening to our customers and responding to feedback. We have significantly upgraded Wi-Fi speeds in all properties to be amongst the fastest in the hotel industry. Being able to access stable and fast Wi-Fi is crucial to our guests." 

A component of the new Red Planet brand is a mobile app. When guests arrive at a Red Planet hotel it activates an in-stay mode. The app then feeds information about relevant local events and points of interest directly to guests' hand-held devices. It also facilitates room-to-room and front desk calling, as well as a chat line and more. 

"No matter what type of hotel we stay in, technology will always play a part of getting the most out of your stay in the hotel and the city you are in," Hansing added. "We are always looking to add both value and relevance to a guest's stay through our investment in technology at all times." 

The new Red Planet concept has been unveiled across its portfolio of 24 hotels, consisting of 3,783 rooms in Japan, Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines.

"Over 50 percent of our guests have stayed with us more than four times, so we have also launched a loyalty program called Remembered, aimed at rewarding our guests for their frequent stays," Hansing said. "We are currently enrolling around 1,000 members a month to this program and that number is growing sharply over time." 

Since opening its first hotel in 2011, Red Planet Hotels has welcomed nearly four million guests. The company has raised several rounds of capital from private investors and anticipates a future public listing in the region.