Mumford unveils new tagline and brand vision

Mumford Company has unveiled a new tagline that it says illustrates the brand vision as "Trusted Hotel Advisors Since 1978." The firm provides asset analysis, portfolio review, valuations, and guidance on market conditions, and it s new tagline, Mumford says, "highlights its dedication to customers and core company stability."

“We believe our new tagline enhances our message to the marketplace that we bring a legacy of respectability and can be trusted in an advisory role,” said Ed James, principal, Mumford Company. “We’ve been an important part of the hotel industry for nearly 40 years and it’s important for our clients to feel secure in the business decision they made by choosing us.”

“In today’s complex market, ownership groups are in need of more than just a brokerage firm. We are a true partner, advisor and extension of their in-house asset management team,” stated Steve Kirby, principal, Mumford Company.

Established in 1978 to provide hotel brokerage services, Mumford Company says it remains committed to this core business philosophy that has grown what was a family business into a national operation.

Mumford Company also represents sellers of most major brands in markets throughout the country. Committed to being a results-oriented service, Mumford says it prides itself on its awareness of market conditions and how to strategically position an asset for success.

Mumford focuses exclusively on hospitality real estate.

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