The survey will be open until Monday, Jan. 22, and results will be published in the March issue of HOTEL MANAGEMENT magazine.

Singapore's First Sponsor Group has formed a JV with its two key shareholders, City Developments and Tai Tak Estates, to buy a historic German hotel.

The total global hotel pipeline stands at 12,427 hotels and 2,084,940 guestrooms, up 8 percent by hotels year-over-year.

After improving revenue and profitability, CHC was able to cash out the borrower's total cost basis at an “attractive” interest rate.

The company is scheduled to launch 13 hotels in the coming year.

China has 2,435 hotels with 538,836 guestrooms in the works, up 5 percent year-over-year.

New York-based Indiewalls connected the team behind the Times Square Moxy with artists who could give the hotel a distinct look.

With hotel brands, investors and potential guests all targeting Croatia, the fight for quality spaces is heating up.