Architectural lighting: MotoZero 66 Zoom by Forma Lighting

MotoZERO 66 Zoom is part of the MOTOLUX Series by Forma Lighting.
MotoZERO 66 Zoom is part of the MOTOLUX Series by Forma Lighting. Photo credit: Forma Lighting

The MotoZero 66 Zoom is part of the MotoLux Series by Forma Lighting.

The small and versatile track fixture is available with a zoom optic, which enables users to focus on a wide to narrow spot at the touch of a button. The pan and tilt movements of the fixture, as well the beam angle and intensity of the light, can be controlled by Forma Lighting’s Bluetooth application powered by Casambi.

MotoZero 66 Zoom’s track-mounted fixture has a cast aluminum light head and driver box designed for passive cooling with an inclusive gel lens that provides the dynamic shaping zoom optic. The die-cast aluminum track mounted spotlight is designed to remotely or manually adjust to aiming angles of 350º pan and +/- 90º tilt. All of the MotoZero range of track fixtures can pan and tilt, dim, dim to warm, and change kelvin temperature on command.

TheMotoZero 66 Zoom comes standard with Citizens built-in LED Modules in 14W and up to 1200 lumens in a choice of color temperatures or dim to warm. Control options include a hand-held remote transmitter, Casambi Bluetooth app to wirelessly control from a phone or tablet and program scene changes, as well as the options for Dali & DMX controls upon request. The series will mount on universal tracks such as Halo, Juno, Lightolier and Global tracks, or are available with the Stucchi OneTrack system. Field interchangeable optical accessories are available to create additional lighting effects and optimize visual comfort in those more complex applications.

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