Back to nature: J. Banks Collection for New Ravenna by Joni Vanderslice

American-made luxury tile design firm New Ravenna has joined forces with J. Banks Design Group to create a collection of nature-inspired mosaic glass tiles. The J. Banks Collection for New Ravenna by Joni Vanderslice, principal and owner of J. Banks Design, combines rich colors and graphic patterns reminiscent of African tribal designs. There are 15 patterns in the collection, with three themes: waves, trellises and palms.

The collection includes Wings, a modern take on palmetto trees typically found in the American South; Tanzanian Squiggle, inspired by an antique African skirt and meant to replicate the movement of water; and Wimbi, Vanderslice’s take on a classic wave, and which can be done in two or three colors and is ideal for a chair rail or base board.

Photo credit: New Ravenna