Eye-catching handles: Nerea & Lollipop collections from Franz Viegener

Franz Viegener has launched two new collections, Nerea and Lollipop. Tactile, multi-faceted and gem-like, these machine-patterned handles are available in multiple finishes, making them ideal additions to any new or existing bath suite design palette.

The Lollipop widespread is offered with tall, cylindrical handles; while the Nerea has a low, disc-like style. Each handle features one of four decorative designs—vertical lines, horizontal rings, subtle knurled detailing or a more prominent diamond pattern.

The Nerea and Lollipop are also available as wall-mount faucets. All configurations are available in the current range of finishes—polished chrome, polished and brushed nickel (using the Physical Vapor Deposition finishing process), polished and brushed gold (PVD), polished rose gold (PVD), polished and brushed unlacquered brass, and satin black (PVD).

Photo credit: Franz Viegener