Flooring product: Braided & Meshwork from Tarkett

Tarkett has launched new flooring products, Braided & Meshwork, for a variety of commercial spaces. The company's braided modular carpet and Meshwork luxury vinyl tiles are collaborations with designer Suzanne Tick.  

Inspired by an arts and craft mindset, Braided uses modern technologies and innovative yarn placements to create a pattern composed of vertical tessellated blocks of color, with tonal textures and subtle geometry that shifts across the plane. Braided is made with a new pivot installation method and is offered on ethos Modular with Omnicoat Technology backing.

Meanwhile, Meshwork LVT is a graphically inspired design that features a layering of vertical, horizontal and diagonal lines — a translation of the way modern architecture connects people and interiors in all directions, and comes with Techtonic polyurethane technology.

Photo credit: Tarkett