Luxury bar: Versati from Best Portable Bars

Montreal-based Best Portable Bars released its newest model, the Versati portable bar.

The Versati has a modular construction that allows for the quick change of panels to give it a completely different look depending on the occasion. Best Portable Bars created nearly 50 different panels in every imaginable material, including different species of natural wood, imitation wood, stainless steel, gold finish, mirrors, fabric and even translucent LED backlit acrylic.

Versati is also built to last forever. The foundation is a nearly indestructible welded stainless steel frame with features including a food-grade #304 stainless steel work space, easy-rolling and locking wheels, a service and storage area along with an integrated double-layered water-free ice bin, configurable speed rails and an optional LED backlight kit. The basic bar is six feet long (1.8 meters) and can be used alone or locked together with other units to create a long continuous bar.

Photo credit: Best Portable Bars