Modular design: Meshed collection from Buster + Punch

Buster + Punch expanded its furniture collection with a new product range. Meshed is a collection of tables and planters made with practicality and design in mind. Each piece is crafted from solid black steel and perforated mesh, constructed to diffuse surrounding walls and floors, rather than hide them. Meshed is comprised of a side table, coffee table and planter, all finished in a matte black powder coat and Buster + Punch’s signature solid metal coin screws. Meshed is a modular range, and each unit can stand alone or be arranged with other pieces from the collection to form larger structures.

The coffee table can be used alone or with more than one piece to create a custom-sized surface area. The side table, meanwhile, sits perfectly next to the bed or sofa, with an added shelf providing extra storage space. The planter is versatile and may also be used as a container.

Photo credit: Buster + Punch

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