Performance Textiles: Go-To Collection from Carnegie

Textile and acoustical management solutions company Carnegie has launched the Go-To Collection, designed to simplify and elevate the material selection process for architects and designers. The collection addresses the increasing demand for transparent, responsible material choices in the industry.

The Go-To Collection includes the refreshed Biobased Xorel Strie, a popular choice for wallcoverings, wrapped panels and upholstery since its first introduction in 2013. The collection is 100 percent Xorel, with 85 percent Biobased Xorel derived from rapidly renewable sugarcane plants for a significantly reduced carbon footprint over fossil-fuel-based alternatives. 

The new iteration includes a palette of 39 colors like gently aged metallics and milky layered neutrals.

To complement the Strie launch, the Go-To Collection introduces a curated selection of performance textiles for upholstery and panels in a range of textures and colors.