Redefining the chandelier: Hero from Buster + Punch

Hero is a 21st-century industrial-style chandelier. The singular hanging light fixture has six Buster + Punch signature solid metal knurled light socket pendants, dropping from a single matte rubber canopy. A 3mm steel crown—powder-coated in stone or graphite colorways—is suspended by thin stainless-steel aircraft cable that make the drop from the ceiling fully adjustable. The fixture is accented with steel, brass or smoked bronze hardware, fittings and adjustable weights that slide on the pendant drops.

The Hero chandelier is paired with Buster + Punch’s LED Buster Bulbs, dubbed as the world’s first designer LED bulb.

Users can set up two possible configurations. The pendants may be set around the circular frame to disperse light outward. This configuration creates a more traditional chandelier shape.

The pendants may also be hung freely through the center, with all the LED Buster Bulbs creating an unforced cluster of illumination for a more concentrated down-light.

Photo credit: Buster + Punch