Smart Bathrooms: New bidet seats from Bemis Manufacturing Co.

Bemis Manufacturing Co., a manufacturer of toilet and bidet seats, is launching the Bemis Living App to improve the user experience of its new BB1200A bidet seat. Through the app, users can personalize bidet settings by setting the duration, temperature and pressure of each bidet function. The BB1200A bidet seat is the first Bemis bidet seat to complement the app.

Bemis is introducing its Haven 2000 and Haven 500 bidet seats. The Haven 2000 has a slim design, instant heating technology and a dual-nozzle system. The Haven 500 has easy-to-use controls and low-profile design. 

The company also showcases the Empower toilet seat, designed to promote independence and convenience. The Empower with Clean Care cleansing toilet seat will be available later this year.