Spot-free illumination: FLXible Neon from Feelux Lighting

Feelux Lighting launched the FLXible Neon, a flexible LED luminaire designed to provide an easy-to-install, spot-free linear LED solution.

Available in a horizontal bend or a vertical bend, FLXible Neon provides a slim profile with a spot-free appearance made possible from close pitch LEDs and long run lengths. The linear luminaire is self-contained in an IP67 rated housing for use in both indoor and outdoor applications. Limitless run length is achieved by utilizing 16.40’ (5 meter) individually powered reels that can be cut as small as 1.5" lengths.

FLXible Neon can be cut in the field and still maintain an IP65 rating with Feelux’s specially designed field termination kit. With a small profile of only 0.315” (W) x 0.47” (H) and a choice of color temperatures from 2200K to 6000K, FLXible Neon offers full range dimming and a variety of mounting options.

Photo credit: Feelux Lighing