Tech Taps: Sustainable spigots from SmartFaucets

SmartFaucets is an Irvine, Calif.-based startup that combines motion sensor faucets with an electronic touchpad with preset temperature and timer to override the sensor if it fails.  

“A lot of water is wasted adjusting that water temperature. The SmartFaucets offer four preset touch temperature buttons to help eliminate water wastage,” said Joanna Boey, founder and inventor of SmartFaucets. “With a U.S. flow rate at one gallon per minute, a six-second adjustment of that water temperature 10 times a day means one gallon of water is wasted."

By combining a smart touchpad with motion sensor faucets, SmartFaucets can now be installed in places with only one sink, such as a hotel room. SmartFaucets uses rechargeable hydroelectric powered battery and need only be charged for half an hour by cleaning staff for 2,000 uses.