Wallpaper collection: Lust for Life from Abnormals Anonymous

Abnormals Anonymous launched Lust for Life, a made-to-order wallpaper collection. Ideal for residential and hospitality applications, Lust for Life is handcrafted and eco-friendly, with the designers using non-solvent, VOC-free inks on their papers. It also contributes to LEED points. The collection includes five patterns in a total of 23 colorways.

Included in the collection are Bringing Hexy Back, which has hand-drawn design, and is offered in five colorways; Block Party, which has minimalist forms celebrated in a Memphis group fashion offered in six colorways; King of Pop, which has larger than life air puffed POPcorn art offered in three colorways; and Pop it Like it’s Hot, which has a scattered composition of salty kernels offered in three colorways.

Papers used are fully customizable, from changeable palette and ground material to one-of-a-kind, site specific design. A range of other materials are offered, including grasscloths, textured, or PVC-free Type II paper.

Photo credit: Abnormals Anonymous

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