This is the year of the connected hotel

Boutique hotels worldwide generally feel that online bookings are not worth the time and energy. This belief is maintained largely because there are only a few digital inventory systems on the market today capable of serving these boutique hotels. As a result, the analog status quo has prevailed, said Sarah Fazendin, co-founder of, a B2B web and mobile-enabled technology provider.

"Boutique hoteliers will find a vast array of options poised to meet your needs entering the market in 2014, but you must consider a few important questions before committing to any new digital inventory management technology," she told Tnooz.

Fazendin said boutique hotel should see what PMS/CRS technology are their competitors using since one or  two PMS/CRS companies have a majority share by market or region.

"If you want to be booked by these power players, your technology needs to be integrated into these custom-built booking engines," she told Tnooz. "They will likely be working with PMS companies who have the lion’s share of the hotel inventory by market niche, country or region. If you’re working with a smaller PMS provider chances are these travel packagers won’t be integrated with them."

Since a boutique hotel is making the move to digital reservations to get more bookings,  the best PMS will also support the growing distribution. When evaluating a PMS company, find out what their plans are for continued integrations and distribution support, Fazendin said.