//3877 and P3 Design Collective partner on Alpharetta Marriott renovation

In Georgia, the Alpharetta Marriott was recently updated by a collaborative design team including P3 Design Collective and //3877.

The entrance has high ceilings. Illuminated by multi-tier custom-designed pendant chandeliers, the space has both traditional and modern elements. Abstract in design, the central chandeliers serve as a focal point, with bird-nest-like clusters staggered throughout the lounge to create intimate spaces within the larger pre-function hall. The design concept continues through the space’s furnishings, all designed to serve guests working on the go.

The lobby has a central seating point, a double-sided sectional. Sitting just behind the sectional, a feature column offers guests a built-in bar-height communal table that extends outward from a decorative floor-to-ceiling panel. A recessed television is also built into the column in tandem with a custom designed art piece. The two components wrap around the vertical element to provide a three-dimensional piece of interest. Custom modular furniture was applied throughout.

The space also has custom metal and wood shelving units. Darker tones and cheeky signage denote entry into the heart of the hotel’s bar and lounge space, with a glass tile-based bar made complete with a custom quartz countertop. //3877 spearheaded the merging of the bar and restaurant areas. There are displays with mesh metal doors in the bar storage area, emphasizing the designer’s use of texture on both the space’s hexagonal floor tiles and the multi-tonal wallcovering. Entertainment centers are placed with inset televisions located at high points in the space. 

Found at the lobby and event space’s floors are custom rugs and axminster carpets.

Photo credit: Mark O’Tyson