Grand Hôtel revamps Winter Garden event space

In downtown Stockholm, Sweden, the Grand Hôtel has revamped its Vinterträdgården (Winter Garden) event space.

The Winter Garden was built in the early 1900s as an evergreen indoor garden to compensate for the Swedish chill outside.

It now has a custom-built audio and lighting concept, flexible stage solutions, stage rigging technology, as well as a 10,764-square-foot projection surface with 360° video mapping, along with a dedicated event designer.

Another notable enhancement is the ceiling of the Winter Garden, which now has technology that creates the illusion of daylight. Furthermore, the new single-level floor, in combination with advanced rigging systems, makes it easier to set up and dismantle complex productions.

The Winter Garden has a total area of 8,611 square feet, accommodating from 120 to 800 people. The modernization was carried out in part with Mediatec.