Revealed: What the Chinese really want when they travel abroad

Attract China is a relatively new website whose sole aim is to know the Chinese tourist inside and out so hotels will be better positioned to garner their business once they book a trip to the U.S. It currently covers San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Washington, D.C., New York, Boston and Atlantic City, and is currently adding more major cities in the U.S., including Miami, Dallas, Philadelphia, Phoenix and Denver.

Sites like Attract China come at a good time for the U.S. hotel industry, which is seeing an unprecedented influx of Chinese travelers. Turns out, however, the Chinese traveler is quite unique, with different tastes than other travelers. These charts here give a glimpse into what the Chinese traveler wants out of their hotel and their overall stay.

Hotel companies have already taken note. Hilton’s Huanying program, for instance, is tailored for Chinese travelers. So, how is your hotel positioned to meet the needs of the Chinese traveler? After all, by 2015, 100 million Chinese are predicted to travel abroad, a benchmark originally forecast for 2020, according to the UNWTO.  

What the Chinese want in hotels

1          Free wifi

2          China UnionPay

3          Slippers

4          Teakettle

5          Translated materials

6          Chinese TV channels

7          Chinese breakfast

8          Mandarin-speaking staff

9          Smoking room

10        Minibar cup noodles

11        Toothbrush and toothpaste

Source: Attract China Research Team

Top 10 needs for the Chinese traveler

 What destinations accept UnionPay?

 Where can I get a great Chinese massage?

 How far is China Town?

 Where can I find Chinese music or literature?

 What universities or colleges can I visit?

 Where can I exchange money?

 How far are the nearest shopping outlets?

 What networks work with my China mobile?

 Where can I find delicious Chinese noodles?

 Do you know a babysitter that speaks Chinese?

Source: Attract China Research Team

Most important factors when choosing a hotel

 Brand reputation            59%

 Location                          56%

 Transportation                48%

 Service                            41%

 Star rating system           32%

 View                                25%

 Room size                        23%

 Facility                              20%

 Catering                           20%

 Price                                 20%

Source: Hurun White Paper on Chinese Luxury Travel Market Special Survey 2012