Safeguarding, protecting TVs from guests and the weather

Outdoor TVs

Outdoor TVs are specially protected with reinforced frames and better cooling systems to protect against wind, moisture and sunlight.

Outdoor TVs are specially protected with reinforced frames and better cooling systems to protect against wind, moisture and sunlight.


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Hotel guests can sometimes be rough with guestroom amenities; however, nothing mistreats electronics more than Mother Nature. TV manufacturer Seura produces TVs specially designed for outdoor use, and has some tips for taking care of their products in the face of the unruly elements.

First, Mike Aiken, senior electrical engineer for Seura, said that an outdoor TV is necessary for use outside, as the average flat-panel display will not last long when faced with the heat, moisture and sunlight it will be bathed in frequently. In most cases, the TVs will be unused as their picture quality will suffer in the sunlight, and in the worst-case scenario, the TVs will quickly fail. 

“Other concerns such as high winds, debris and rowdy patrons can quickly destroy a TV—and the hotel’s investment,” Aiken said. As an alternative, TVs designed for outdoor environments have durable metal bodies and tempered glass screens with anti-reflective and UV coatings that combine with a brighter-than-average picture to boost performance in sunlight. 

In order to protect against guestroom TV theft, Fred Crespo, director of technology and business development for Samsung EBD Hospitality, said it is necessary for hotels to either fasten their TVs to the guestroom credenza or fix it to a wall. He said that theft of these products has gone down in recent years.

“Consumer price points have dropped, meaning more people have [the flat screens],” Crespo said. “Flat screens were a novelty when they came out, and it was a popular joke in the industry to say that a 32-inch TV can fit perfectly in a garment bag.”

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