Zaplox enters partnership with lock provider SimonsVoss

Zaplox mobile keys are now part of the SimonsVoss solution with a strategic partnership that opens up new markets in both Europe and Asia for the company.

"We are very happy to have our mobile keys integrated in SimonsVoss' lock solutions, that are in the forefront of technological development,” says Magnus Friberg, CEO at Zaplox. “SimonsVoss provides locks to customers like arenas, museums, banks, public service buildings and schools, which now opens new commercial possibilities that we have prepared for. Our system has been in commercial use since 2011. It can support all locks and access systems and works on all smartphones, which means that it is extremely scalable.”

For the customer, mobile keys make key management more efficient, cost- and time saving. The mobile key app is not only used for opening doors, but may also be customized with a lot of smart services.

Zaplox's strategy is to team up with lock providers, hotel system providers and access system providers and offer them to integrate the mobile key system, the company said.